St Dormeir Wool Pillow Protector

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St Genève

St Dormeir wool pillow protectors are natural, breathable, and insulating. The pillow protectors will keep your bedding clean and fresh while keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. Quilted in Spain with pure virgin wool and a special chemical-free terry cover with 100% cotton pile and a polyester base for durability. A wool pillow protector will make your pillow feel firmer.

Wool has a reputation for insulation and absorbency making it perfect for use year-long. It naturally wicks moisture vapour away from the skin and allows it to evaporate. This can be particularly beneficial for people who always ‘sleep hot’, as the protector will reduce the clammy, uncomfortable feeling. Ultimately, this protector is designed to provide comfort and breathability, enhancing the quality of your sleep.


• Cotton Terry Cover
• 77% Cotton / 23% Polyester
• Pure Virgin Wool filling 
• Made in Canada

Machine wash in warm water on a wool or gentle cycle. Do not use hot water.

Use a quality enzyme-free detergent like Baby Woolite. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. 

We recommend washing no more than two pillow protectors per load.

Tumble dry on the gentlest cycle with very LOW HEAT only. Do not over dry as this may cause the wool to feel brittle.

Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

If you have any questions about Care, please contact us.

St Genève pillow protectors cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. This product can only be returned for defects in materials or manufacture. 

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Please inspect your purchase upon receipt. Notify us immediately if you have received an item with a manufacturer’s defect. We will work with St Genève to ensure your issue is resolved. Damage caused by failure to follow the manufacturers’ care instructions cannot be accepted as defective merchandise.