Please read the sewn-in care labels. Properly maintained a duvet will provide warmth and comfort for years to come.

Always use a duvet cover. Regular cleaning of your duvet cover will help to keep your duvet clean. 

To keep your duvet fresh hang your duvet outside on a dry crisp day. A light breeze will eliminate dust and help to refresh the duvet.

For spills and stains, just spot wash with mild soap then thoroughly rinse and dry the area. Drying can be done in a large capacity dryer on medium heat or outside.

Although down alternative duvets are washable, the type and size of home machines often make them unsuitable for effective duvet washing and drying and can damage or reduce the quality of the product. For best results, we recommend you have it professionally laundered.

TIP: When not in use, your duvet should be stored in a breathable fabric cover.  Plastic covers can trap moisture potentially leading to mildew problems.

If you have any questions about Care, please contact us.