The right pillow will cushion your head and neck with gentle support for a comfortable and restful sleep.

We recommend visiting our location to try our pillows and determine the firmness that is most comfortable for you. Otherwise, contact us, we are happy to share our many years of experience in pillow manufacturing and sales to help you make the best choice possible.


• You sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow, with less down, will let your head and neck rest as close as possible to the bed.

• You sleep on your stomach, but would like a soft pillow, with some support.
• You sleep on your back and are looking for a pillow to cradle your head during sleep with some support and comfort.
• You sleep on your side, have narrow shoulders and want a pillow that allows your neck to align with your spine.
• Your sleeping position changes throughout the night. FIRM • You sleep on your side have broad shoulders and want a pillow that will allow your neck to align with your spine.
• You are looking for a firm pillow

• You are of larger stature and require an extra firm pillow to provide ample support and comfort.


Goose down filled pillows are made using down clusters; a down pillow’s quality is determined by the "loft" value of the down clusters used to make the pillow.

A pillow with a higher loft reading will last longer, be fluffier, and retain its firmness longer compared to a lower loft down. "Loft" or "Fill Power" represents quality.

At Bettenhaus our hand-made down pillows all ensure a high level of quality and resilience for the best sleep experience.