Choosing the right duvet will make all the difference to your quality of sleep.  Consider how you sleep, your room temperature, and your personal temperature preference, and the result will be a luxurious night's sleep.


• You are frequently warm or hot when you sleep 
• You would like a duvet for just the summer months 
• You sleep in a warm environment where the temperature in the room is consistently above 22ºC (72ºF).

• You can sleep in the nude and are comfortable most of the time 
• You are looking for a duvet for year-round use 
• You sleep in a room that is about 20ºC (68º-70º F). 

• You are often cold when you sleep 
• You wear socks to bed or you sleep alone 
• You are looking for a duvet for the colder months 
• You may keep the room cold to around 12º-15ºC (54º F). 

• You pile on the blankets at night 
• You want the fluffiest, warmest duvet possible to sleep under 
• You have poor circulation and really feel the cold when you sleep 
• You are sleeping in a cold room or perhaps with the windows open in the winter season 0º-10ºC (32º-48º F). 

We measure the quality of down, its fluffiness, and its capacity to insulate in “loft” or "fill power".

Down fills are generally rated with values between 550 – 900. A 1000 loft down (highest level) is available although quantities of this are very limited making it more expensive.

The higher the rating, the better the down insulation quality. A higher loft means less down is required to provide the same level of insulation. A duvet with a higher loft reading will possess more fluffiness, shape retention capacity, and greater warmth.

Fill power represents quality. At Bettenhaus our hand-made duvets are all in the 800+ loft range, ensuring a higher level of quality, lofting, and warmth and that your duvet will last a long time.