Bettenhaus, where Better Ethics means Better Sleep.

At Bettenhaus, we take pride in our down duvets and pillows – we make them by hand in Toronto with the highest attention to detail.

The down used by Bettenhaus Canada is sourced from the finest down producing regions of the world. Whether the White Goose Down ethically harvested in Hutterite communities of Western Canada, the well-known Goose Down producing areas of Hungary or the traditionally acclaimed Goose Down region of Poland, we offer a wide variety of options to our discerning customers. We also source the best in Wild Goose Down and Eiderdown from our Canadian Far North and Indigenous communities.

All of the down we use is Certified Hypoallergenic. Bacteria is removed from the down leaving it pure and clean. The sanitization process is repeated many times as it must be a gentle process to ensure it does not damage the down. This safeguards your down product from going flat or drying out, and keeps your down fluffy for years to come.
Most allergies are not actually to down, but in fact to the bacteria and pollen on down prior to sanitization. Our cleaning process ensures this is a non-issue, as will our mite-proof fabric covering. In fact, studies have shown that polyester actually supports more dust mites than down.

We source our down from Feather Industries Canada the largest and oldest down processor in Canada. The down is ethically sourced and traceable. IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratories) partners with our processor to ensure confidence in the integrity of their down product. The DOWNMARK® certification ensures the duvet or pillow you purchase from Bettenhaus Canada is made with high quality down material. 
Bettenhaus Duvets are made with a sealed baffle box construction, a hallmark of European design and sign of quality. These 3-dimensional chambers prevent the down from shifting and keep the duvet filled evenly. The baffle allows the down to loft to its maximum height for the most luxurious experience and the ultimate in warmth. The edges of all down duvets are double stitched for durability and satin piping is added for a touch of elegance.

We encase our premier duvets in lightweight 100% German-milled cotton, guaranteed not to leak down for the life of the duvet. The cotton comes with the German Quality Assurance, OKEO-Tek, certifying the fabric is free of harmful chemicals.
Bettenhaus down pillows feature our leak-proof white 100% Combed Cotton Twill casing. We import this durable fabric from Germany where it is woven to exacting standards ensuring it is both dust-proof and mite-proof. All seams are internally double-stitched to keep the down securely inside, the pillow is then finished with a cotton piping around the perimeter. As with our duvets, the German cotton fabric we use comes with the German Quality Assurance, OKEO-Tek, certified free of harmful chemicals.

At Bettenhaus we recognize that when choosing a down duvet or pillow you want to make the right choice. There are many factors to consider, the type of down, the loft value, weight or firmness you require. Duvets and pillows have been our business for many years and we will gladly share this knowledge to ensure you will be happy with your choice for years to come.

Please email or call us with the products you are considering and we will be happy to provide advice.   


The IDFL Laboratory and Institute certifies that the down used in our duvets and pillows has been tested and meets or exceeds the lofts claimed on our website.
Bettenhaus Canada is a proud member in good standing with the Down Association of Canada.

The DOWNMARK® label certifies that we have complied with DOWNMARK®’s stringent quality assurance requirements, and the product you are about to purchase is made with genuine, high-quality down or feather materials.