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Color: Silver Grey

This Mulberry Silk pillowcase is luxuriously smooth and will allow your face and hair to glide effortlessly over the surface and feel heavenly as you sleep. The rich smoothness of silk means it doesn’t snag your hair or tug on your skin which reduces frizz, damage and even wrinkles. Sleeping on silk helps retain moisture in both your hair and skin which means softer skin, less-tangled hair and better all-over hydration for you. Silk is also temperature regulating, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Available in colours; White, Warm White and Silver Grey. 

o 100% Mulberry Silk
o Silk Charmeuse Weave
o 22 Momme Weight
o Queen Size
o Pillow Dimension: 20" x 30"
o Hypoallergenic
Sizing Information Contained on Product Page.

Silk is so smooth that it actually sheds dirt and stays clean longer, so you don’t need to launder it as often as other fabrics.
Do not allow silk to become heavily soiled. Silk can be weakened by perspiration and perspiration stains are almost impossible to remove. Keep your silk away from perfumes, hairspray, nail polish remover, and deodorants, which can dissolve silk.

Silk is best washed with a pure, gentle soap. Hair shampoo makes an ideal detergent for silk. Use just a little, on your washing machine’s gentle cycle and medium temperature for wash and rinse.
Use the maximum water level.
Do not wring.
Do not bleach, or use any detergent that contains bleach. Do not use brighteners, fabric softeners, pre-soak products, inexpensive detergents, enzyme detergents or Alkaline detergents.
Refrain from using specialty soaps such as ‘Lovelast’ which are formulated for other fabrics and will often eat silk.

When drying, use medium temperatures and select the gentle cycle on your dryer. Remove before it is completely dry and air dry the remainder.
For garments and small bed linen items, such as pillowcases, it is wise to turn them inside out and use a large lingerie bag.

Never fold it into a tight square with sharp creases. This can weaken fibres. Instead, create a soft fold or roll the pillowcase before placing it on a shelf where it will not be crushed.

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