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Size: Queen
King XL
Colour: White
Soft Aqua
Heather Blue

The fresh white linen duvet cover set is the epitome of elegance. Our linen, originally sourced from France, is prewashed making it extra soft and giving you that natural "lived-in" look. Take it straight from the dryer to the bed, no extra ironing or pressing required. The quality is in the details. The duvet covers are sewn with a heavy hidden button placket at the end of the bed serving to not only hide the button closure, but to provide a substantial finish to the bottom of the cover. The pillowcases are sewn with a generous housewife tuck so your pillows never peek out. Finally, the set is finished with a double stitched edge giving it a polished, tailored look. 

Linen is a natural material spun from the stems of flax. Used for centuries for clothing and bedlinens, it continues to re-emerge and is now one of the most popular bedding materials on the market today. Its benefits are many: 


    • 100% Linen 
    200 Thread Count
    • Woven in Portugal
    • Made in Canada

    Fine bed linens actually improve with proper care; they will become soft, smooth and naturally wrinkle resistant. We suggest rotating your sheets. Allowing your sheets to ‘rest’ between uses will extend their life.

    Our products are made from natural fibres that can be machine-washed at home, however, please be sure to read the care label on each item for best results.

    Machine wash using a moderate or cold temperature.
    Avoid crowding your linens in the wash, allow ample space for the size of your bedding.
    Make sure there is enough water in the cycle. Use maximum water settings for load size.
    Use very little detergent. Too much detergent may not rinse out causing buildup.
    Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, detergents with bleach, whiteners, or alkaline detergents.

    Machine dry filling the drum very loosely and tumble dry using a moderate temperature.
    Do not use dryer sheets.
    Do not over-dry.

    Cuddle Down bed linens are specially ordered based on your selections and are considered to be ‘custom orders’. Orders may not be returned except for defects in material or manufacture.

    Your order may not be changed or cancelled 24 hours after submission.

    Cuddle Down orders take approximately 1 – 2 weeks to ship. You will be notified via email when your order ships.

    Please inspect your purchase upon receipt. Notify us immediately if you have received an item with a manufacturer’s defect. We will work with Cuddledown to ensure your issue is resolved. Damage caused by failure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions cannot be accepted as defective merchandise.

    Please Note: We cannot offer returns on items due to a discrepancy between the colour in the online picture and the actual product. If you have questions about the colour please contact us, we may be able to offer you a sample or describe the colour in greater detail to assist in the decision-making process.