Handmade Duvets & Pillows - OLD

At Bettenhaus, we take pride in our Down duvets – we make them by hand in Toronto with the highest attention to detail. We use 100% combed German-milled cotton, guaranteed not to leak down for the life of the duvet. The cotton comes with the German Quality Assurance, OKEO-Tek, a certification for ecologically safe and healthful textiles.

Duvets are sewn with a sealed baffle box construction, preventing the down from shifting and filling the duvet evenly. The baffle allows the down to loft to its maximum height for the most luxurious experience. The edges are double stitched for durability and a final piping is added for a touch of elegance.

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The down used in the duvets and pillows from Bettenhaus Canada is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic for five years. Before it arrives to us, it is sanitized, removing all bacteria and leaving it pure and clean. The sanitization process is gentler than normal and does not damage or break the down. This safeguards your down product from going flat, drying out, and keeps your down fluffy for years to come.

Most allergies are not actually to down, but in fact to the bacteria and pollen on down prior to sanitization. Our cleaning process will ensure these are a non-issue and using a dust mite protector will also help to eliminate allergy issues. Some people might choose polyester over down as a result of allergies; however, studies have shown that polyester actually supports more dust mites than down.

Our down is ethically sourced and traceable, as indicated by our DOWNMARK® certification and IDFL testing marks.



The IDFL Laboratory and Institute certifies that the down used in our duvets and pillows has been tested and meets or exceeds the lofts claimed on our website.




 This logo is an assurance that your down product is of the utmost in quality and value.


The DOWNMARK® label certifies that we have complied with DOWNMARK®’s stringent quality assurance requirements, and the product you are about to purchase is made with genuine, high-quality down or feather materials.


The DOWNMARK® certification process ensures members meet and continue to adhere to quality requirements in order to use the DOWNMARK® label on our products.

To qualify, we had to show an excellent track record. Our products were tested before approval, and they must pass all quality, labelling and packaging standards.


Products are randomly selected from retail locations by anonymous shoppers, making it impossible for a company to supply a deceptive sample. Once qualified as a DOWNMARK® certified manufacturer, we continue to randomly test to ensure quality and accuracy standards are maintained as long as the company is a member.