We have been providing you with exquisite German imported bedding and are now proud to introduce a line of Wool & Angora undergarments from Germany.

These natural lightweight undergarments not only provide warmth but may also relieve aches and pains. When shoulder, back and knee problems bring aches & pains, it restricts movement. By localizing warmth around the pain area wool undergarments have proved highly effective for many years. Clinical tests have shown how effective they can be in both preventing & treating aches as back up to medication & physiotherapy. Wool undergarments work in a natural way. They apply constant & evenly distributed warmth in the area of pain. The blend of Wool & Angora, supplemented with synthetic fibers, satisfies the medical requirements for maximum concentration of warmth and maximum permeability of moisture.

Undergarments can be worn with confidence both day and night. Knitted without irritating seams, their multiple elasticity stops them from crumpling or slipping.